Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You bring out the dog in me

A/N: This post is an exercise in exploring boundaries. The subject is a sexual act between two consenting adults from a fictional universe. Some people will be offended. Don't say that I didn't warn you.
Parties: Rebecca/Sam
Rated MA

Sam and Rebecca had been together for several months. During that time they had made love in every position, and every where they could think of, or thought they could get away with. Sam had something a little different in mind tonight.

"Honey, come with me," Sam said taking her by the hand.

"The bedroom," Rebecca said with a smile, "that will be novel these days."

"Ok, now get naked and lie on the bed with your legs hanging over the edge."

"Sam, is this going to be one of those dominance nights?" Rebecca asked stripping down to her zebra bra and panties. She knew that Sam usually liked removing the last layer himself.

"No, this is going to be something I don’t think that you’ve ever done before in spite of what you have said. And I said, ‘Get naked.’"

Rebecca’s brow wrinkled in confusion as she said, "Something I said? What did I say?" She stripped completely, and lay down on the bed.

"If you haven’t figured it out when we are done, I’ll tell you then," Sam said mysteriously. "But, you’re a smart woman. I think that you will remember," he continued with a mischievous grin. "Now close your eyes."

Rebecca closed her eyes, but she couldn’t close her ears. She heard that crunchy, gloppy series of sounds that meant that Sam was changing. She couldn’t help herself, she opened her eyes to see what Sam had changed into. Ah, his favorite, the collie. What a beautiful dog, and inside her sweet lover. Sam the dog walked over to the edge of the bed and put his cold, wet nose between her knees. She realized that he wanted access to her. She pulled her knees open and Sam’s muzzle traced a wet path up her thigh from her knee. He stopped before he got to her center, but took a big sniff. Then he traced a path up from the other knee. Rebecca was trying to decide if it tickled or was incredibly erotic. She was on the knife edge between giggling and moaning from the sensation of the cold, wet nose and the tickling of the fur of his ears touching the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Sam’s next action decided her, she felt that big, black gumdrop of a nose press on the tip of her furry triangle, and run down the creases below. Moan it was. Then he started to lap her skin and found that little button that drove her crazy. With very little effort on Sam’s part, she cried out his name. As good as this feels, there are definite drawbacks due to the lack of human fingers. But that tongue, oh my gawd, that tongue, she thought.

Sam pulled back from between her legs and nudged her in the hip with his nose. Huh? Oh he wants me to turn over. No, he’s not going to do that is he? Rebecca got down on her hands and knees on the carpet next to the bed. Doggy-style of course. Sam mounted her and began to thrust into her. She felt the fur from his front legs around her sides, and the shorter fur on his belly against her back. The fur tickling the back of her thighs was an amazing feeling. It felt different, and good, but not enough. Right then and there while inside of her, Sam changed back to his usual wiry human form.

"Oh yes Sam!" Rebecca cried out enjoying the feeling of her man filling her. "Fuck me honey!"

Sam obliged. He started out a little slow, readjusting to his human form and reactions, but he quickly picked up the pace. Sam reached around her and was rubbing her clit. Soon they were panting and moaning almost in unison, and then they finished together with a force that left them both nearly senseless. Slowly Sam regained control of his muscles and was able to lift Rebecca up onto the bed where she sprawled bonelessly. He lay down next to her and pulled her body close to his. "You ok?" he asked.

"I will never be just ok again," she said. "That was amazing. I can’t believe that we just did that. Are you ok? I thought changing took quite a bit out of you."

"I was well rested, and very motivated. What did you think?"

"I thought that it was a bit kinky, and not something that I want to do all the time, but I do want to do it again. Maybe try another form, but not a cat please. I don’t think that I would enjoy that at all."

"Why not a cat?"

"They have barbs on their dicks. I just don’t think that I’d like that."

Sam laughed, "Ok, no cats. So did you figure out what it was that you said?"

"The other day when I said that I liked doing it doggy style with you."

"I knew that you’re smart," Sam said smugly. "Shall we go again?"

"Mmm, yeah," Rebecca said turning to face him on the bed, "but stay human this time please."

"Happy to," Sam said as he proceeded to kiss her neck and gently nibble the sensitive skin there on his way back down her body.